In order to prepare both teachers and students for such a shift toward authentic learning, the 2006-2007 school year has been used for developing the pedagogy of what is possible. Please feel free to explore these working case studies, but keep in mind that they are working learning communities. This means that the students participating will be affected by any positive contributions you may care to make.

The Discovery Utopia Project

The students in this project are creating their own perfect societies based upon books they have read, opinions they hold, and collaborative ideas they have developed. Their work is based on a template of questions, but their method for presentation is all their own.

The Discovery -Ism Project

The purpose of this project is for the 8th grade students to craft a working belief structure akin to the great belief systems of the 19th century (Abolitionism, Feminism, Industrialism, Romanticism, and Transcendentalism). Although they start with a series of simple belief statements, they expand their ideas into elaborate theories and metaphors for the ways in which they see life.

The Weekly Authentic Blogging Community

Each week students are asked to create one authentic piece of writing about something that they are interested in sharing or expanding upon. Over the year, the students are able to work through concepts ranging from school life to metacognition. They comment on each others' ideas and progress both in fluency and mastery.

This link is to the work that the students have self-selected as their best of each week. You can navigate the page using the many categories of writing on the right side.