Authentic Collaboration

Although many of the of the other pages on this wiki are dedicated to the theory of how education can happen differently for students, this page is focused upon the concept that it can be different for teachers as well. We can collaborate with colleagues from around the world and come together on curriculum and instruction that makes sense for all of our students. We will not be bound by our geographic locations, but only by our ability to imagine what sorts of authentic learning experiences can be created through a flat world collaboration.

Page Format:

Please post the projects that you believe would have added value if collaboration with other schools were introduced. List the resources for each project and any extra information that you think would be helpful. Post your e-mail address along with these projects and we will set up a time to have a skype conversation about the feasibility and potential of our proposed collaborations.


Utopias- This project covers utopian novels as well a student-centered creation of perfect societies through text, multimedia, and links. I believe that this project could be enhanced through collaboration by analyzing just how our conceptions of utopias change with cultural and geographical changes. Please e-mail in order to collaborate on this project.