This page will be used to explore both traditional and alternative ways of paying for the technology that the Academy of Discovery requires in order to be fully implemented:

Current Resources

  1. Four Smart Boards
  2. Four LCD Projectors
  3. Four Teacher Laptops
  4. Three Student Laptops
  5. 12 Desktop Computers
  6. Two digital video cameras
  7. Two digital still cameras
  8. One GPS unit
  9. Two Smart Slates

Cresthill Funding

  1. $32,000 to be used for Laptops (between 24-30 Laptops)

Unfunded Resources

  1. 30-36 Laptops
  2. 4 Digital Still Cameras
  3. 4 Digital Video Cameras
  4. Academy of Discovery Fund (Approximately $1000)

Possible Funding Resources