What Is Possible?

Video Conferencing:

  • Other examples of breaking down the walls of our classroom.

It is the strategy of getting others into your classroom, not the tool itself:
Tokbox Embedded Video Conference
K12 Online Conference Presentation on Video Conferencing

Collaborative Documents:

Get your own at Scribd or explore others:

Collaborative Presentation:

Screencasting and Geometers Sketchpad

Screencast for Geometer's Sketchpad

Panel Discussion and Q&A

If you would like to contribute a question via text:

Text nmsa and your question to 41411

  • What do I do if my classroom doesn't have the technology to do these things?
  • How do I use the one computer in the classroom for authentic learning?
    • Share through projector/whiteboard;
    • Use-in-turn (stations)
  • How do we find out about technology?
  • How are students affected by technology in the classroom?
  • What changes have you seen in your classroom?
  • How can these kinds of things be spread more widely in a district or school?

(Use of Cover-It-Live in the classroom for debates)

Examples for possible projects, further resources, etc: