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Today's students are different from those of yesterday. It is not because of their shorter attention spans, their plethora of technological gadgets, or their sense of agonizing apathy. These are not what set the students apart; these are merely symptoms of the divide. The difference is in the relevance that they crave. If there has ever been a generation that required authenticity it is this one. They are cynical of everything that they fail to see value in, and rightly so. At home and with their friends they find infinite relevance. Everything can be centered around their personal interests. They connect through social networks that are focused upon finding others like them. They create their own language to communicate their truth to one another. They are constantly giving one another feedback, and they expect instant access to knowledge.

We must not teach these students the same way that we have taught others. The things that have always worked, no longer do.

Enter the Academy of Discovery, a working prototype for Classroom 2.0*. Much of what you will find here is based upon the concepts and research of others, but this model for learning and teaching is framed specifically for Cresthill Middle School's Discovery Team. The teachers, the technology, and the experiences of this team are ripe for transformation.

We are proposing a school 2.0* within a school that is inherently collaborative, creative, and dynamic. If you are curious as to what this looks like, please explore the words, links, videos, and images found throughout this wiki.

*Definition of School 2.0 and Classroom 2.0:


The Academy of Discovery is currently looking for:
  • Technological Funding or Equipment Donations
  • Professional Development Funding or Donations
  • Teachers/Administrators/Individuals/Schools/Organizations that are interested in helping the Academy of Discovery with research or development.

If you can help the ADM with any of these needs, please e-mail Ben Wilkoff at

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